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"Launching Your Coaching Program Package"

We are offering a process for your webinar launch that includes these three pillars, strategy, execution, and automation.

Pillar 1 Strategy for your Webinar –Script building creating a high converting script which includes writing copy,  producing the design, & clarity with outline the marketing strategy.

Pillar 2 Execution of your Initial Webinar-Rehearsal includes practicing posting additional links polls, the landing page links, plus any additional resource links, for up to a two hours practice session prior to your webinar so that you can rock your talk with confidence.
On the day of your webinar, the event manager records your webinar, engages with the audience in the chat, answers any tech questions, and funnels the questions to the speaker at the agreed time.


Pillar 3. Automation -Repackaging Webinar into an Evergreen Funnel – Upload the webinar to an evergreen sales funnel, write the copy for the sales message, create the graphic designs for the sales funnel, then add & test the payment link.


Webinar Launch

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