Social Media Setup

  • Set up 1 social account.
  • Setup 1 autoresponder for their landing page.
  • Setup 1 video account and upload up to 2 videos.
  • Setup 1 autoresponder for their email campaign.
  • Includes one 30-minute discovery call.
  • Includes one 60-minute consultation call for marketing Strategy.

Digital Marketing

  • Email Marketing Campaign Create Copy and Design.
  • Social Media Campaign Create Copy and Design.
  • Video Campaign Record and Edit your videos.
  • Create copy and design your landing pages.
  • Social Media Setup & Maintenance.
  • Social Media Strategy Plan.
  • Launch Support through email.

Webinar Production

  • Research: Understand stories and objectives.
  • Pre-Production Meeting: Video strategy, Budget goals. Topic selection,  identify audience, Project timelines, Script creation, Prepare speakers, Production team management, Equipment needs, Location Scouting.
  • Strategic Vision: Story identification, Storyboarding, Planning and Recording Video.
  • Newsgathering: Research topic, Shoot footage and Capturing extra footage that is used to support your story.
  • Production phase: Setting up the sound, Setting up the lighting, Setting up the software program, Recording the video, Conducting the consultation calls.
  • Content Creation: Logging, scripting, producing and editing.
  • Pre-production Plan the goals and objectives of your video, Capturing extra footage that is used to support your story, Music Selection, Video Editing, Reviews, Approval, and Final Delivery.

Video Editing Services

  • Basic edits to your video -footage, effects, titles, and audio and visuals so you only have to record your video once.
  • Polishing the video-removing video pauses, simple color corrections, transition effects.
  • Video length up to 5 minutes. Edits take about 5 hours
  • Moderate editing of our video-Video background replacement and color correction.
  • Cutting and splicing footage, and adding transition effects, Adding title animation, effects, subtitles, and lower thirds, Audio mixing, and adding music to the video. Video length up to 30-minutes. Edits take about 16 hours.
  • Polishing the video-removing video pauses, simple color correction, transition effects.
  • Video length is 60 minutes. Edits take about  20 hours.
  • Heavy editing of your video- removing filler words, adding a custom animated intro/outro. Video length is up to 90 minutes. Edits take about 25 hours.

Virtual Event Management

  • Live video streaming.
  • On-demand content for your courses.
  • Live virtual conferences.
  • Live virtual webinars.
  • Preparation Phase: Planning your video milestones, Select and prepare speakers, Create and Design PowerPoint slide decks, Final preparation.
  • Production Phase-Assistance in running the webinar, including moderating in chat rooms and that keep your audience engaged, funneling questions to the speaker, and posting links into the chat for you. Record the video and provide you with shareable links.
  • Marketing Phase Promote and market your online video to drive registrations through social media and email.
  • Track and Measure attendance, engagement, retention, brand awareness, feedback, payments.