Season 9 Episode 82

Create a simple video roadmap

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HOST: Marie Mason

Today’s topic is to create a simple video roadmap.

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And it's good to know, especially when we're getting up towards the end of the year. And now in January, we always are setting goals for the next year. Right. So this is a good time, the last quarter is to assess where you are and where you should be. So whether it's in the business model, it's either a webinar or even in your marketing though...

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Welcome to mindset Marketing Mastery, the show that brings you the top speakers in the marketing and video industry. With your host, Murray Mason.

Oh my gosh, I love how are you doing?

So Mary,

and fantastic even though I stayed up till two three in the morning finishing up the script

Are you by Eddie, how are you going?

I don’t know. Let us know what you’ve been up to. Because oh my gosh, in the in the US. It’s fall. And we’re gearing up for the holiday seasons. Oh my gosh, I am so not ready for the holidays. How about you all ready for the Christmas and all those crazy holidays in between? Ah, I got Golly. I mean, Thanksgiving is coming up for the US in November. And Canada already celebrate their Thanksgiving this month, the last week this last week. So oh my gosh, every country has got a holiday come

and go we are already at the end. Are these crazy here? No. No. How much? October? How did that happen? Oh, also, oh my gosh, this is the end Mary of this season for the marketing mindset mastery radio show as well.

Yeah, we’re in season eight, read the end of season eight. I am so shocked. This is like episode 80.

We’re not going anywhere. We want to like let you know guys that we are staying here. So we’re just starting another season very soon. So stick with us. We get you in for like a week or anything. But today we are like last episode of the season. So we’re going to do the second episode of wrapping up everything with a lot of tips and bringing up tips. Oops, my computer. previous episodes, and we have also the quiz today to add. So you have to stick with us and answer the question. And you will win some prizes.

Right? And before we even tell them the prizes. If you are watching on the replay, that’s okay. Because I know a lot of people are in different times sort of watching this, you could still answer the questions and get a prize. So if you answer it correct, we will give you a message back and say, Oh, you won the prize. And then we’ll message you privately, or you can board give you an email, you can also email me at Marie be And you can also learn how to get your prize that way. So we’ll make sure you get that information. So no worries, our prizes are not like physical like handing you to a mug or something this time, it’s better than better than because they’ll last longer. So and they’re better for you. So planning. Without further ado, would you like to enhance the prizes?

Absolutely. So we have two prizes from you, Mary and two prizes for me. You go, and you have also to pick the one. So we have this for prices, right? But when you’re when you can even choose which one you prefer. How’s this like? So we have one lucky winner that can have from Mary, free access to her self paced marketing course. Mary, this is huge.

Yeah, it is a big value to what?

Yeah, then another price for Mary, for a lucky winner will be a free assessment of your business model, or webinar redness. So you’re already doing something and Mary will tell you what to work can you improve or what you needed to keep that way? You know,

that’s great. And it’s good to know, especially when we’re getting up towards the end of the year. And now in January, we always are setting goals for the next year. Right. So this is a good time, the last quarter is to assess where you are and where you should be. So whether it’s in the business model, it’s either a webinar or even in your marketing though. We’re focusing more on the Webinars and in the business model. But I’m here like it’s really, really good to kind of get clarity on where you want to go for the next quarter. And then yeah, that will put shoo in propel you into the next year, because you want to do those 90 day sprints in those those year long sprints in the ones in between. Because, you know, it’s all about getting momentum, I think it is for your business no matter where you’re at. So that’s what it is about. We’re all gearing up since we’re all making it wanting to make a big, huge impact in our businesses, and we want to be able to scale it and grow it. So the next season is all going to be about growth in your businesses scaling. Yeah, I think that’s right. Sure. I think we talked about that after the show. But anyway, so much like we

Yeah, I’m talking about where you are at now, with your business, I am offering a free winner, our lucky winner, a free video star roadmap assessment, you don’t know where you are at today, we are talking about video roadmap. Okay, so using the videos for your business, and how to use them with marketing and tech stuff and all the sick, all that jazz. I’m offering an assessment, it means that I will tell you, where are you at now, in really a map, a roadmap, and what you what are the steps to, that you needed to make to go from where you are now to be a Video Star on your business. And a second prize is video and voice discovery call. So you can help me anything there. And not only will be an assessment, but will be also few tips and advice on your very next step to work on your video and the voice so important.

Oh my gosh, that’s so good. And they’re both valuable because oh my gosh, again, it’s about finding out where you’re at and where you need to be. And then choosing whether or not to work with us to help us get you to the next level. Right planning is

really important. Yeah. Because when you are an entrepreneur or business owner, sometimes what you’re missing is not learning the next step. Yeah, it’s not sorry, learning, the next thing is really knowing where you are at because everybody are in a different place, they want to go to a different place. So it’s really important is like a maze or so knowing where you are now. And where you want to go. Told by an expert? Well, I think that will make the difference. So you don’t make steps that are wasted and without any reason for your own business.

Right, exactly. And we have to to multiple choice questions. So there’ll be really easy, and it’s all based on information you’re hearing on today’s show. So it’s easy, right? Easy peasy. I did change it up a little bit and how I did it this week. So it’s not gonna be the same matte powder as last week. So you have to kind of pay attention a little bit more. So stick with us. Anyway, without further now we better get going, or we’re going to be really behind. And so everyone buckle up and get ready, I’ll start off with the first one. And we’ll go from there. And plenty is going to give us some cool examples too. So I’m excited about that. So anyway, let’s get rolling, okay, because I have so much to share. And I’m going to try to trim it down so that we can get everything in for the show today. So the first we got four key steps, we got eight steps total, and how to create your video roadmap. And we’re going to start with four topics. And we’re going to share the the speakers that talked about those topics with you. And then at the end of the segment, we’ll give you an announcement about something really cool coming up. And then also a question for you guys. So let’s buckle up and get started. So real quick. Regina Robertson has been on our show at least twice and is an amazing speaker. And she talked about learn how to create your unstoppable confidence on and off the stage. Because I think finally would agree confidence. So here’s her three tips and I want to gave her three tips because she had so much to share and I had to pick the top ones. So really let’s get it really definition about what unstoppable competence is because she gave so many valuable tips. Let’s just start with that. So first is the key is during this time is for us to focus on working on everything all the time and becoming a stronger person of who we are. And that starts with from with it because every when you have it Within, it’s always going to shine on the outside. But that’s not possible. When you have people that see you as a persona that so let’s say, Well, I think I should have checked my, my way of putting this because I was trans was transcribing something. The video on the script trying to get the wording right, I don’t think.

Yeah, but Regina talked about this like, for a long time, right? What What’s the key of that you have to go and check all the episodes with check her out as well. But yeah, the key definition of unstoppable confidence is that you have to work even harder to build, because you’re not actually loving and appreciating who you really are. So you have to check on yourself and check what you’re saying about yourself.

Right? Because that, yeah, positive or negative talk that you have in your head, like that mental ping pong, like, you know, the good cop, bad cop, you know, kind of you no feeling on the on your shoulders? I mean, what are the what’s the program that you’re saying to yourself. And I think that’s what she was trying to allude to, too. So I’m glad when you and I were on the same page on that. But the long story short of it is you do need to be able to appreciate who you really are as a person. And oh, my gosh, let yourself shine as who you are as your authentic self. I think that’s what she was really trying to share, share. So thank you for that clarification. Because I think I should have been a little more vigilant on that. Talk about

a lot of things that we would like to say again, everything. Well, we don’t have time for that.

Right. So if we were just to focus on her, we would probably get the whole thing. So trying to trim down the to the key points was oh, my gosh, was like a puzzle. Let me tell you, it’s like literally a jigsaw puzzle. So I had to get the framework in and fill in the pieces. Oh, my gosh, it was like drinking from a firehose, for me for the last few days. But anyway, getting started and to speaking on stage, she gave some great steps on that tips on that too. And you can be on a virtual stage or an in person stage. So the same rules would apply. So it’s this is really

a marry. Yeah, you’re saying that because everybody thinks that on video is different. There is a camera, there is no audience. And when you are on the stage, there is audience and sometimes no cameras, and sometimes yet, but it’s exactly the same thing.

But it’s spot on. So yeah, just to let you know, let’s give a quick, quick view of this. It’s truly been, what her point was, it’s truly been rewarding about being on stage. Because when I step on stage, it’s never about me. It’s about what impact what shift and what change, can I stir up in another woman sitting next to me, woman or man doesn’t have to be just a moment. But I mean, the next person that’s sitting next to me in that audience, to be able to believe that sitting there feeling they might be feeling broken, and they be able to see me and understand that you can go from a space of being broken, unbreakable. I thought it was really a powerful statement. And then absolutely, it’s about just discovering, right where you are. And what’s what’s the love, you know, note? What’s the love? What’s that?

Said I love that about music and our singers? So she said, No,

isn’t even about singing. It’s about what is it that you’re saying to yourself, the positive vibe you’re giving yourself a message I think is what she met. But it’s you know, you can use if that’s a song that gets you happy, go for it. But long story short, was that happy space for you? Because it’s when you find that you can gain something and you know, you could glean something, I guess I don’t know. The point is you’re able to sit there and share something positive somebody a positive message. And then as you do this for others, then you are creating something and unstoppable confidence because the more you sow into others, the more you get built up to in the process and then you become unstoppable. I think that was what her message is. And I know did you get that too?

So yeah, also like getting started speaking on stage is really like go out there. Yeah, just now it’s so important to to talk to others and share your message. What are you doing? If you’re not sharing your message, you’re losing a lot. Not only like for yourself, but also for the people that can you can help. So go out there and start to speak on stage start at speaking be it To start to to, to put the message out there, the more you do it, the more you get confidence.

Exactly, that’s spot on. And it really is about building those connections, which we’re going to be talking about.

Next one was a good one as well, like,

I really tried to pick like the top three, she had so much to share, and I couldn’t like it was hard to box it down to the top three. But whenever you go somewhere to go the you’re at a town or traveling locally or whatever. Just make sure that you keep an open mind about making connections with other people in your there’s Facebook or social media. Or if you’re outside in person making connections, right. And when you go and travel to meet with somebody in person, her her belief is connections is key. And collaborations can help be built on off stage, on and off stage. Because you can build collaborations on stage two, and then make sure that those connections, you stick with them so that you could create something beautiful in a relationship with that, so that you never know who you’re going to actually meet. And who’s going to want to interview you on a podcast or, or bring you into another event to speak. You never know where that’s going to lead is what she said.

I remember Regina talking about this and stressing out about like making real connections. And you know, never typically get connected on Facebook, Instagram and all that stuff LinkedIn. Like it with the bottom, really go and talk to people don’t send messages or pre recorded or stuff like that be genuine. It’s like in person, like Introduce yourself as a normal person and trying to sell there is no need for that when they know you. And what you do. If he if you what you do is what they need, they will reach out for making connections that she was stressing about was really make connections, stop talk to people because you never know where that connection it will bring you to

exactly be yourself. That’s really to be yourself be genuine, make real connections, not with a focus of selling something, but really to create those relationships. I think it’s really what we’re trying to point out here. And then how can you be an asset to somebody else? And what can you offer someone else? It’s about serving, I think we had another person talk about this topic too. But they talked about serving and having a servant’s heart and then being sometimes it’s just being you, you might need to they might have somebody next to you that just need some a word of voice of encouragement. They would wherever they’re at, you know, so it helps them to get from one point to another. So you might need to encourage them and uplift them and tell them it’s okay, you’re gonna be okay. It’s just like sometimes you just need that, that encourage courage or so just be there for people and just not worry about the details we may have to speed up because we’re almost we’re getting close to this the break commercial break time. But anyway, check out with Gina Gina Robertson. She’s an award winning speaker and best selling author and competence coach from the Washington DC area and she is on our topic is unstoppable confidence on and off stage. Go to YouTube and Spotify and check it out. So the next one, we’re going to try to simplify it really quick. And I’ll do this one and then you can do the third point and third and fourth one is okay. We’re good. So we’re going to split it up that way. So the next one, I will try to keep it really brief because I don’t want to take away from the next two. But the next one is how to get started in podcasting. Oh, Joseph Smiley was our guest on the show he was did it the first within the first few episodes. And he literally painted a really clear picture one plan. And the five steps is really planning your podcast or like choosing the topic, the theme, the date, the format, picking a coast if you want to use one, and then picking a guest speaker if you want to use one because you might just want to do it solo, you know, you’ve got to be able to know what your format is. That’s really what it is planning is your format. The preparation, oh my gosh, five steps in preparing creature graphic designs for the show creature and show notes up to as well as write a professional intro embedded on your podcast. And then where do you store your podcasts on Facebook or website wherever you’d get to make those decisions. Once you have those digits in place, though it’s really like the framework. And so this is why it’s important to talk about it. And then you also need to be able to fill in the time where you can talk about the software suggestions and then have this bonus material for the affiliates links to share. So make sure you have all that as super cool and then the sound in the lighting. Oh my gosh, make sure you get that straight. Then the next one is recording and editing. Really that’s pretty simple. Um, make sure you just kind of polish it up so that everything gets ready. And make sure you know how to use the software. If you don’t hire a coach, I’m actually going to be launching a podcast coaching pretty soon. So that’ll be fun. So that’s coming. So if y’all need help, podcasting, let me know. pining can be your voice coach, I could be your podcast, we’re here for you, we can combine that we combine that effort. And then exactly we are here to support you. And then launching it is the last step. So just knowing you know, having have everything in place, and just literally just take action and make sure you have your call to action link, and being able to promote it everywhere and work with all your hosts and speakers. So just it’s really not that hard. I think people tend to make it more bigger than it is. It’s not. It’s really super simple. Okay, so we got to make the next two really fast. And I’m sorry, but I want to make sure that those two were mentioned real quick. So planning, can you kind of breeze through the next two? And then we’ll make a quick announcement and then go to commercial break?

So absolutely. So another quick one. And this was me in another episode. I play in that, right. So


when I came here, as a guest, hi talked about the connection between your voice and the success of your business. And this is so important, I can’t leave it like that I need to stress this out all the time. Because as a confidence coach and speaker and voice coach, I tell you, a lot of people come to me because they cannot communicate in the proper way with your audience. And that’s what you need to do, right. So the problem is that probably you don’t connect to them, and they don’t understand your message, or they don’t understand what you do. Or maybe they don’t connect is you as a person because you’re trying to fake or be someone else does it resonate, they don’t like that happens all the time. And we all think that we need to be in a certain way, like everybody say around, you need to be yourself. So this is where we work on trying to find the voice that matches with yourself. And that’s the norm. Yeah, cuz it’s your personality. It’s also your emotions that resonate with people. And you want also to appear very professional, on video and on podcasts and talking to people in person too, we still do that. So key points connection between your voice and success of your business. So problems of voice and money fast as for example, you might have a stage fright, so you’re freaking out before even talk and you’re avoiding natural or lacking communication. So you don’t say that your message should be saved, or you have a weird tones like you’re doing this or maybe using voice that it’s natural to you for people is weird, all this. So you need to really to find your real voice. Key Point number two is what’s happening in your personal life is affecting your business. Absolutely. Wherever you want, or not everything in your life is affecting you. And of course your business. Because you are the face of your business. If you’re a solopreneur or you are we even have a bigger company with a lot of employees, well, you’re still the face of your business, you are the boss. So fear anxiety to be in front of an audience artifacting yourselves for example, or they made you give it to your audience and your clients or future clients. So what people really buy into when they sign up to work with you is your vibe, they find the millions like you, they sell your service. Why you because it’s you they relate to you. So

everything I know is that the understand is it’s not about what you’re selling, even though that might be what they need. But they have the key thing is which you made a good point is they have to be able to relate to you and connect with you as a real authentic person. And in you could be selling so as long as it’s they connect with you as a real person and they get along with you. They’ll buy whatever you need. So I think that’s what people are hung up on is oh, they’re not gonna who’s gonna want my services? Really? It’s more like check yourself in the mirror and make sure it’s people want to work with you. I think that’s really what it boils down to be Yeah,

absolutely. Yeah. What is the point? Yeah, that’s a good point number three is that you have to connect Regina say that you are saying that on Tommy, we’re saying that all the time, you need to connect. And you have to be aware of the fact that the first impression on people is when you introduce yourself to them, there is no such moment again. So the very first moment you meet someone is that you give an impression. That is, it’s hard that is going to change. So you introduce yourself with dinner event, speak from a stage or do a Facebook, live online marketing, a person is attracted magnetically to your confidence and carries my you better be good the very first time you meet them. So you have to work in advance with that and get organized and get your confidence and get prepared. Number four, you have to build your relationships. So you meet them, you get prepared, you are the expert, you do the videos to connect to you talk to people, and then you have to build these relationships, they have to go somewhere, right? If you ever been a business probably want to bring them as a client. Or they might refer someone you never know where this brings to. But I discovered that some clients were friends or friends. And they come to me they send me people, because they talk about me really well. So that’s, that’s what you want. And also, you have to realize that were a comment all the relationships. So you want to check out when people come to you, who send you Where Where did you hear about me? Did you hear online, someone talk about me with you all always know where people is coming from because you want to keep those channels, and you want to make new ones. So always be aware of building the relationships and know where are these clients are coming from?

Or it’s all about referrals about who referred you and how did you? How did you can you get connected with them.

And that’s why they never changed is that word of mouth. So that’s the best marketing, right?

It’s all organic, right? So anyway, that’s a good point. And I think you got one more, I think you already built that point. And then

we had another Do we go? We have still a few minutes to

go fairly, because we don’t have you want to do a quick state study. And then we’re going to highlight. Yeah, and then we’re going to highlight like the first word of each one, because we’re not gonna have time to get into the next one. So do a quick case study and then see then, because I think that’s always good to paint that picture, don’t you think? So? Let’s go with that.

Yes. So we’re talking about send data came to me, she was working for a big tech company. And she had to do a lot of presentations, both in person with Muslim managers in front of her and online. So she was really a Talia, freaking out. Because not only she didn’t have the confidence to speak in front of people, not even online on a screen. And also she had air manager complaining because she was almost whispering when talking almost mumbling, she was talking like this, you know, and she was not talking. So that was really a pain for her because she, she was an expert. She when she was about like it on writing stuff. She was the best, she knew everything about the job. But her confidence was lacking, or tech was lacking. So we went through her voice first. So we work on the voice, the tone of the voice, how to speak, how to find different voices in the range, because we have a range. It’s like singing, we can hit high notes, low notes, it’s all part of your voice. And we have we can talk like this, or we can talk like this, or we can talk like this so that you have no or not your voice is picking a lot of shades, sometimes at the bad moment. So you might find people that say to you that you are hungry or you’re not strong is because they’re picking from your voice No, because they’re really picking what’s going on. So you better work on the voice. That’s what we did with Cindy. And we work also on a presentation. So really what to say how to say it or to organize, how to talk and tech staff like the frame, what you’ve seen here, the light and audio microphones and things like that a bit because when these things are not working, it doesn’t matter if you’re prepared. The channels between you and the people listening to you is broken. So you better get words. Voice, body Language, I’m not talking like this, right? I’m watching on camera, because I’m talking to you, things like that we work on that. And she got so prepared that after the first presentation, in only two months of work together, she got the presentation in front of the managers, guess what, she got a promotion, project for herself with a team. So all is to monitor to change completely the way you talk to people, and to get presentation professional presentation, because then we know that how pressure there is in those industries. So can you imagine like what can happen on your small business, if you do things like that, if you work on your voice, you work on the tech, and I tell you something is not complicated at all, you just need guidance. It’s simple stuff. But you’re not you need someone to tell you what to do, because you don’t want to learn by yourself, because you

do need to go on to the next one. But there’s a very good point and a good example. So I’m going to actually kind of breeze through the next one, and get the question in and we got like four minutes to get it done. So we’ll quickly then, and you can make sure you go and check out the YouTube channel and oh my gosh, in the Speaker’s Spotify to get funnies more information, she’s got so much value. And her show was the connection between your voice and the success of your business. So go check that out. So the next one is, that was really good information, I wanted to let people knew shine on that one. But the next one is overcoming self doubt. And building confidence is the next step number four, and really you just assess like she was we’re emphasizing that so much today, you got to really listen attentively, and not judge people. Make sure you listen and observe. And then next one, of course is observe and then surrender. Which is not like surrendering to, you know, like waving the red flag necessarily, but understand that, you know, humility can save you from getting yourself into trouble, that kind of surrender. So being humble really is where that meet meeting is. And then knowing when to get help, because you can’t have to do it all by yourself. And that’s what we’ve been saying all this show. So yeah, yeah, it is. So let’s go into the next question plenty, you want to ask the question real quick. And then I will wrap up for the first section and make more quickly go speedy, here’s the

question. So you have to send us the answer between some answers. So what are the five states of getting a podcast started to so is the second point we did one of our guests. So the hints are? Step two. So go there. Right. So the answers are a planning, B preparation, C sound, the recording and editing e launch? F Oh, they both?

Pretty simple. So let’s let us do YouTube or go to or to our laners Facebook page and let us know one of those places. And whoever wins it will get to choose one of the four prizes. So good luck

to everybody. And even if you are on the replay,

yeah. And so we got it on the commercial break because we were really bad. We were really there was two of these episodes for this. But anyway, thank you planning for helping me share so much valuable tips to our audience and grow helping them grow themselves and your business and the marketing mindset mastery radio show. We are going to stick around and for the second half of the show and if you have any questions please type it in the chat will be it will be broadcasted live, we’ll answer live or in the chat. So make sure that you stick around for this next segment of our show and you’re listening to the marketing mindset mastery radio show with your host Murray Mason and COEs plenty Phoenix. We’ll be right back and we’re going to commercial break now.

We’re taking a short break. And we’ll be right back. You’re listening to marketing mindset mastery, the show that brings you the top speakers in the marketing and video industry with your host Murray Mason.

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oh my gosh, I always thought I’m back. I’m back, everybody. And oh my gosh, buckle up for the next segment, we have so much more to share. And we are going to have announcements, so make sure you stick around. So we are planning Phoenix and remaining your hosts for the show. And oh my gosh, I’m a business coach and an agency owner as well as the end Mosel from Charlottesville, Virginia. I’m also getting ready to launch my first book soon, I’m just still working out some arrangements with that. And we help heart center coaches launched our webinars, that’s our biggest focus for liberty, virtual solutions. Planning is an expert voice reader and confidence coach based in Dublin, Ireland, which Ireland and my roots are there, by the way, and then helps she helps passionate on based entrepreneurs work to make dramatic improvements to their voices. And she gave us a great example on the first segment, so make sure you listen to that on the replay. Oh my gosh. Creating a simple roadmap video roadmap, based on past speakers. Oh my gosh, the wrap up shows for this for season eight is amazing. Some money. I’m gonna dive into this one since I did this one. So that was you know, like, amazing.

You’re talking about growing your business with videos? Yeah. Cuz a lot of people is asking. Yeah, okay. Everybody is saying we need to do videos. Why should I do that? Right? Take it away.

I need to pay you for introducing me everywhere I go. That’d be kind of cool. But anyway, so long story short, there’s four main reasons are that you need to be doing videos or webinars, because it’s not just about webinars, you can do podcasts, workshops, I mean, whatever it is, that’s related to video, but this all will see apply to the same as long as you’re doing a video. And it’s a great tactic, you know, we’re all talking to another

thing and Mary before you go through all the, the list, but because video, so we are talking about recorded, or live, so where you feel more strong, or when you feel stronger, you can pick recorded or live video, so you’re gonna have to do one or the other, or both, you can really choose the important thing is that you show yourself.

Right, exactly. Good point. And that that’ll be great prelude to this particular, this next one, which is really, how do you, you really need to have a great tactic, you know, remember, when we talked about marketing, and we talked about straight attack strategy and tactic, tactics or strategy is the plan is tactic is how you get there. So videos is a way of implementing your plan. So and this is going to be a good way of focusing on that. So how do you do video to reach a larger audience, and in a more targeted audience, is the first one, first one and that is you need to educate your audience to share the knowledge about your services. Yet to let people know that the open signs out, cuz otherwise they won’t know about you, right. And the best place to position yourself as a leader in your industry, too. So that’s something that you really need to understand that you need to tell people that welcome signs out and let them know that your door is open. The next one is be to how to videos, drive traffic to your website or landing pages, well, you increase the traffic to websites. And by literally, I forgot to put this in there. But excuse my voice today. But it’s all about, you want to be able to share links to Like Share your website thing. You know, when you’re posting stuff on social media, for example, or in an email, you want to sit there and say, Oh yeah, and by the way, you can grab this offer here and you share them the link, right. And that’s sort of how you do it. And then all the clicks, the click through rates will increase as you drive traffic to that link. And you’re usually it’s something connected to your website, or landing page, whatever it is that you decide to use. So that’s important. So make sure you’re when you’re sharing it everywhere and posting it everywhere, making yourself visible. And then it can be even as simple as going to your podcasts or going to your webinar link. You know, whatever it is that you’re trying to get. It is an action step. And exactly like a call to action is what they call it. And then how to videos include both visuals and words that will retain your clients attention. I really worked hard on this one to trim it up. But basically you need to keep the written words short and easy to read like bullet points. And related and related to the topic that you’re in. Also choose graphics and designs that are also relevant to your topic, and appealing to your audience. And then the next one is how to do videos basically to keep clients more engaged and increase conversion rates, your offers, create graphic designs, and also the mess in the simple message that’s relatable. And then encourage engagement to chat with your audience, but ask them open ended questions not like yes or no questions, you want to be able to really have them require a conversation to get them to think

yeah, because this connects to the relationship part that we already talked about. And this was a something that I think every guest came to the, to the podcast, talk about relationships, talking to people

who ever thought about that, you know, in we were dealing with so much in the last couple of years with, with all the situations, I cannot name off the top of my head. But, you know, we had some uncertain times in the last couple of years, and it changed how we connected with people. And because of all, you know, we had to be respectful and in, in so forth, and that’s great. But at the end of the day, long story short, simplify, let’s simplify it into say, you still need to build relationships, because relationships are key. And so there are ways of doing that now that are so you can do that through video and do that through like podcasts or do that, you know, any kind of form of video. So and people do, let’s face it, TV is like big, you know, these days and been in movies, because it’s video, right? Videos are the quickest way to get the message across. So that’s a quick tip there that I’m not gonna get on there. Anyway. And then you could go check out the podcast that I’m on, it’s called growing your business with video. So number six, do you want to kind of do a quick snapshot on this, this? Actually, that’s that one that also actually was from the same video, Cheryl Bernstein actually was my co host. I’m gonna dive into this one one quick, I keep it short and sweet. But she has three different kinds of lights, the lights coming at you, from you, and from the light that holes from within you. And you’re the why. And the reason is your drive to go move forward is what her when the light within. And I won’t go into it, she does a great job explaining it on that. And then how she also talks about how to get over nervous, it’s because when things in this roadmap is we talk a lot about a couple of pain points. And this one is about nervousness. So you need to be able to practice, be a good leader, and also know your house And why’s that make you more settled, insecure? So that’s great tips from Cheryl, go check that out the video. The last tip she shared was what are the three tips that will help you become better on the video right now. But connections was not coming. Everybody talks about connections.

However, this will stick with people because everybody is saying the same thing from a different angle. But you need to take care of your connections.

It really is about that. And that’s a good point that everyone has a different angle but but it’s still the same point

I should talk about tree connection, isn’t she?

She talked about the one for the viewer and connecting to connecting to the reason why you work on things and then connecting your opera to where your viewer or your client can eventually ended up with you. So you need to be able to stay connected with you. And that is sharing your call to action like oh my gosh, is that like not drilled into your head? In this particular episode? So go check

that she was talking about that, like you make the connection, then, of course, you need to make the call to action because it’s not only giving value is it telling people what they need to do for their best.

And it’s also getting them to knowing how to work with you and stay connected to so it’s not just about selling them points all the time. It’s also about okay, where do I connect with you so we can continue on? And you want to be able to know you know, bridge that gap from from this, you know, because you have to be able to keep that relationship going. Moving forward. Okay, so do you want to sum up step number seven, and we’re down some announcements to make after the quiz. So yeah, okay, so keep that keep these next two really short and sweet.

So we have another great guest it was Alex Branyan. Reg nyansa I say it to like with the Italian accent but I knew the answer

to Yeah.

Alex again, so is the founder and CEO of expertise a TV from the UK and his topic was hosting online events and building community. So this one is very, very nice because you might want to host your podcast broadcast on your whether you’re doing a podcast, you’re talking on video you’re talking in person you are hosting an event. There might be one person two people or more than that even 1000 You’re still a performer running an event. This is really interesting. So whether you’re big with your business or more solo entrepreneur, this applies to you anyway, because Eastside that design it. So the steps to hosting online events and building the community designing the purpose of your community and targeting client prospect, this is so important is it marketing, it’s how to really bring your business forward. Key points he talked about. So I invite you to go and check out experience and online. And of course, in our episodes on our marketing mindset mastery media show, he talks about attracting qualified coaching prospects. So you need to know we talk about this all the time, but knowing who your who is your target, who is your ideal clients who, who are you talking to. So attracting qualified people, not people that is not really connected to what you sell, or what you’re serving, what you’re selling. Number two was engaged in a nurturing online relationships with them. We’re really sorry about this, all our guests to talk about that. So engage, go and talk to these guys. And nurture the online relationships. So it’s not only about, like I say, before, introducing yourself, the very first time is keeping the relationship alive, go out there and check them out, like, go there and say, Hey, how you doing today, it’s even that every now and then really simple things, we’re not talking about complicated thing. So nurture the relationship, give people a reason to stay connected to you. Number three, it talks about moving those prospects into your sales process. So they never heard about you, they meet you for the first time, they have to understand what you do, maybe they’re almost interested in, in what you’re talking about. You have to move them eventually, to be your clients. If you have a business, right, if there are your ideal target. So you need to have a system in place to do so for every business is different. So you have to check out on your business plan and come up with a plan that has Mary says all the time. And number four, it talks about developing ethical sales processes, ethical, that ensure good fit, and value creation following involved, it means that it’s for both sides, you want to have a client that you like working with, not someone who say, Oh my gosh, I don’t want to talk to this person today. Right? We love our job. We want to help people that we like, say on the other side, they want to have value from you and help and they were talking really well about you if they have that friend from your work. So unethical says process. Look after all these things, right? So check out Alec Rania and founder of expertise. TV, so you can go and check him out is really great. I watch is webinars all the time. And you can use by the way his platform to for your webinars. So check him out, hosting online events, and building community is the expert.

I will have to speed it up because we are down to the last two minutes. And we might be a little bit over today. So we’ll quick I’m gonna summarize. The next one, which is our next guest was drumroll please. Chris talks about Chris growing your podcast from zero to hero and oh my gosh, he gave so much valuable tips about how about being your own superhero how to bring that out and people and oh my gosh, I can’t even get into all that stuff. But helping people understand your secret sauce, from helping people to deal with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship in handling the negative emotions because oh my gosh, you have your ups and downs you have your bad days. And he says give yourself like a two minutes to get over your bad days and to miss, celebrate. And then move on to the next one. Because the key thing is moving forward because y’all want to be able to make improvements right and Goo go forward. And don’t forget to prioritize your your goals and your your focus. I can’t even get into too much detail because we’re down to the end of the show. And we’re down

the episode with a Christian song. So go there and check it out. Check him out the professional training and coaching. Yeah,

he’s got some great value. The next one question is What are the five reasons of using video webinars as a tactic to help your business grow? Oh my gosh, that was

step number four. Yeah,

exactly. So what you need to educate your audience and share your knowledge with us on your service B you will increase your traffic on your website and it will increase your clicks rates and then keep see a keep a written word short and sweet and appealing to your audience and D graphic designs that relate to the topic. And also open ended questions that require a conversation with your audience go figure we needed God do that. Lastly, I think it was supposed to be there are three connections and to the viewers and that also really resonate with your audience. So we and don’t forget to keep stay connected with them and sharing your call to action links. So might have to do it. Number one, which is F, which is all the above. So f is all the above. So really quick announcements, then we gotta close out the show, believe it or not, because we have drunk through a firehose today. So I am created. And I just actually started the Facebook page today, the marketing mindset masters and wonder where I got that name from. And then from the marketing mindset mastery show, Game Show course. And then it is a networking group that focuses on marketing so we can help the service pays on solo entrepreneurs, to craft compelling offers for their marketing campaigns and create a business generating connections and a supportive community. So check out our Facebook group. It’s called marketing mindset masters. Oh my gosh, just open up it is a community that’s a free community is also open to everybody. So y’all go check it out and join us. And we’re going to be launching it pretty soon. So please go and check that out pretty soon. And we got some new news to about our podcasts. And oh my gosh, season eights done gearing up for season nine got some amazing speakers lined up for you. And you might have to start ticking out some different channels because we’re gonna be doing some things a little bit differently in season nine, but I won’t get into too much detail this week. We’ll make that announcement next week. So call the last thing is check me out Liberty virtual Check out plenty you want to say your your

Yeah, my website is better voice And you can get in contact sending an email in for at better voice And I’ll be sending some freebies to whoever check this up.

Perfect. And don’t forget check out our attractive marketing roadmap replays and on liberty partial solutions in UTM, etc and some other places. Oh my gosh, plenty thank you for being such a fabulous host co host since May of 2021 Keep leave it’s like been several months. Oh my god. And Jason’s been a new we had rebel for our as a radio tech and he she has been fantastic. And then they buy hay. Because you but Jason has been taking over since September. And he’s been also fantastic. So thank you. Do you have this W foresee write out family we want to just give you all a shout out. And I hate to go over but we’re gonna wrap it up. And we’re still doing those backpack gift card giveaways. So if you buy a backpack for $45, we send a lucky teacher to you when in the US anywhere in the US. And they’ll get a $5 gift card to put towards classroom supplies. So plenty please go ahead and close this out. And we’re a little bit late today. So go for it.

Oh my gosh, just so thank you so much for having me, Mary. And thank you everyone for watching the broadcast hearing out and listening to the podcast. So join us again in season nine we keep you posted so Liberty Mutual will keep you there posted about our season number one. So thank you so much. So make sure you share subscribe to your our YouTube channel, marketing mindset mastery radio show, and thank you so much everybody. Thank you W for Cy radio. And thank you Jason. Thank you Mary.

You guys gotta God by

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